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BJJ Mental Models Premium

BJJ Mental Models is the best package we have for furthering your Jiu-Jitsu development. It’s our all-in-one subscription service that includes:

  • Our ever-expanding library of Premium audio courseware
  • Access to the legendary BJJ Mental Models Discord community
  • Virtual coaching and sparring video review.

Sound like what you’re looking for? There’s a 7-day free trial. Check it out here: 👇

If you’re wondering what Premium audio courses are included, here are the highlights:

Introduction to Mechanics

Nine brief audio courses on the mechanical systems of BJJ. The fastest way to learn the mental models of BJJ.

The Gameplanning Series

A series of audio courses that teach you to build a systematic and battle-tested Jiu-Jitsu gameplan.

Optimizing the Self, feat. Emily Kwok

3x black belt world champion Emily Kwok shares her strategies for achieving peak performance, developed alongside Marcelo Garcia and Josh Waitzkin.

Competition & Emotion, feat. Dominyka Obelenyte

4x black belt world champion Dominyka Obelenyte shares her blueprint for overcoming the crushing emotional pressure of competition.

If you’re looking to support us and/or get the best value in the business for elevating your BJJ game, check out BJJ Mental Models Premium: 👇

Shirts & hoodies

Unfortunately, our shirts and hoodies are currently unavailable due to an issue with our manufacturer. 😓

If you were interested in buying apparel to support us, I highly recommend instead joining BJJ Mental Models Premium. This is the single best way you can support us and help us grow, and it gets you access to a ton of premium content.

Patches are still for sale, though!


3″ gi patch

Ideal for shoulder placement.


3″ gi patch (pack of 3)

Ideal for shoulder placement.