Ratchet Control

Add rotation when controlling a limb to increase effectiveness.

Controlling the head or any limb is much easier and more powerful if you add some rotation. For the strongest rotational control, keep the lever bent at a perpendicular angle to generate the most leverage. We refer to this as ratchet control.

Some examples:

  • When attacking an armbar, twist the arm as well as hyper-extending.
  • When attacking the kneebar, pull the heel toward you to add rotational force to the attack.
  • When pulling down on your opponent’s head, pull and twist the neck.

Ratchet control is effective because it attacks your opponent’s posture and/or structure (see Theory of Alignment). When your opponent’s skeletal structure is not properly aligned, it greatly reduces the ability to rely on musculature.

Adding ratchet control is one of the most effective ways to complete a submission when your opponent is using strength to defend.