Growth Mindset

Don’t think of attributes like talent and athleticism as unchangeable.

Per Carol Dweck’s fantastic book Mindset, there are two types of mindsets:

  1. Fixed mindsets, where you believe attributes like your intelligence and talent are permanent and unchangeable
  2. Growth mindsets, where you believe your intelligence and talent are malleable and can increase with effort.

Having a growth mindset is critical for success in all walks of life.

A person with a fixed mindset might think:

  • “I’m bad at guard”
  • “I’m not athletic”
  • “He beat me because he’s bigger than me.”

A person with a growth mindset might think:

  • “I need to work on my guard”
  • “How can I get in shape?”
  • “What are the best strategies against a larger opponent?”

The way you think about yourself is crucial to growth and overcoming your limitations.  The wrong mindset can leave you treading water for years.

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